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Dear Potential Volunteer,

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for expressing an interest in becoming an Ohio State University Extension volunteer. Each year, thousands of volunteers contribute their time, energies, and talents that enable Ohio State University Extension to engage people in educational programs that meet their immediate needs.

All individuals who are interested in volunteering with Ohio State University Extension and working with a member of a vulnerable population (minors, elderly over age 65, or individuals with disabilities) must complete a selection process under the direction of an Extension professional.

To more efficiently and effectively support our service recipients, Ohio State University Extension has a policy concerning the selection of individuals who desire to volunteer for the organization in a long-term and/or higher risk position. While the actual order of implementation may vary from county to county, all potential volunteers will: (1) receive a position description; (2) complete an application and return to Extension office; (3) have references collected by Extension professionals; (4) complete an interview; (5) submit to a criminal history fingerprint record check; (6) agree to and sign the volunteer standards of behavior form; and (7) participate in an orientation/training program.

Please know that all information related to the selection process may be updated periodically and will be kept in a secured file cabinet. This information will be kept on file for a minimum of three years following the receipt of your materials or the completion of your involvement as an Ohio State University Extension volunteer (whichever is longest). The release of information will follow The Ohio State University and Ohio State University Extension operating procedures and will be in accordance with Ohio law.

Working with individuals in your community can bring you immense satisfaction as you help them grow, learn, develop, and succeed. Additionally, volunteering provides you an opportunity to gain new skills, help others, and meet new friends. We hope that you recognize the tremendous benefits of volunteering and will join us in helping ensure that everyone involved has a positive, educational experience. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to potentially working with you.

Sincerely yours,
Sierra Baca
4-H Extension Educator
Medina County

Steps to become an OSU Extension, 4-H Volunteer in Medina County:

1)  Complete the New Volunteer Application!

The application includes the Job Description for you to review.  You will be asked to provide names and email addresses for 3 non-family references and upon submission of your application, they will receive a request to complete a reference form.  It would be a good idea to follow up with them to make sure they complete it.  Lastly, the application includes the OSU Extension Standards of Behavior which you must read, understand, and agree to follow.

2)  Obtain a Background Check.  Click here to find a local WebCheck location!

Background Check

3)  Submit a Background Check Reimbursement Form Request.

4)  The Extension Office will reach out to you to schedule your interview, orientation, and Policy 1.50 Training.

These steps must be completed by October 31 for Committee Volunteering and January 31 for Club Volunteering.