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May 25, 2022 - 4:36pm --

OCVN is offered in EVEN years.  Next class will be in August 2024.


The Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist (OCVN) Program is a training focused on Ohio ecology and natural history.  Classes will cover themes of conservation and stewardship related to our local ecology, geology, invertebrate and vertebrate fauna, forest history watersheds and more, with an emphasis on taking what you learn and teaching it back to the community as a volunteer for conservation organizations. 

After completing this 12 week course, you will be an OCVN intern. While some take the class just for the advance training, in order to become a FULLY CERTIFIED OCVN, you must then complete 40 hours of volunteerism within a year of completion.  Once the 40 hours of volunteerism is complete, you will receive a full certification by mail from Ohio State.  To maintain certification, you must complete 20 hours of volunteerism and 8 hours of continuing education annually for a qualifying organization.

You can volunteer for Ohio State, A local park such as the Medina County Park District, a national or state park, a zoo, Soil and Water Offices, nature centers, arboreta and more.  Becoming an OCVN does NOT automatically enroll you as a volunteer.  You must apply with the parent organization following THEIR volunteer application and guidelines such as background checks and internal training.  What OCVN does offer is advanced training to make you well-positioned to help offer nature outreach on behalf of those parent institutions looking for volunteer support in building awareness and stewardship for Ohio’s natural spaces.

Cost of the training is $250 per person.

Classes are held every WEDNESDAY from 9:30 A - 3:30 P from July 27 - October 12, 2022 at various sites across the county.

Registration Flyer and more information here.