1. Real Media Project for teens 13-16 years old

    Dec. 07, 2017

    REAL media is a new fun AND educational activity for 4-H clubs in Ohio.

    Sign-up today at AND check out the REAL media project webpage at

    More information is available here.


  2. 2018 Western Reserve EERA 4-H Volunteer & Youth Development Evening

    Dec. 07, 2017

    Join 4-H volunteers from across the area for trainings on various topics!  

  3. MONEY 101

    May. 16, 2017

    Keys to Financial Stability   Take charge of your future and that of your children.  If it always seems there is more month than money, join us to build a financial plan that is suitable for you.  
  4. Get to Know OSU Extension

    Mar. 21, 2016

    Some may say that Extension is "Only for Farmers" or "Only for 4-H".  Even worse still, some may say, "Never heard of Extension!"  But the truth is that OSU Extension is a valuable resource in the community for SO MUCH MORE than the old stereotypes people may have heard about.  Those in the know may have found Extension through one program area, such as a Master Gardener Volunteer Program, or because they were in a 4-H club as a youth, but there are other resources at OSU Extension that many do not even realize are available.

    Extension is composed of 4 main program areas:

  5. Wildlife Trapper List

    Feb. 23, 2016

    This year, we have had earlier reports of nuisance wildlife.  No doubt, this is a result of the milder winter and unseasonably warm days recently.

  6. Talking Turkey

    Nov. 26, 2014

    Information to help you and your guests enjoy a safely handled holiday meal.

    Countdown to the Thanksgiving Holiday

     Turkey Basics