Next Meeting:  Monday, January 25

Time: 7:00 pm

Locaton:  Fair Office, 720 West Smith Road, Medina (right next to the old office)


November 2015 Meeting Minutes
Meeting was called to order by President Nick Turek at 7:15 PM

Pledge was led by Kelsey Hurley.
4-H Pledge was led by Spencer Dillenger.
Kelsey Hurley read the Minutes from October meeting.
Trevor Thompson moved to approve the minutes from the October meeting. Ethan Andrews seconded the motion. Motion passed.
Kim Schreiber read the Treasurer's report.
Trevor Thompson had no committee reports.

President Nick Turek went over old business:
Kim Schreiber discussed the Senior Fair Board looking for a new architect for the new MSB. Designs for new MSB are still being finalized. Also, it turned out the cost for blue prints was less than $4,100.
Trevor Thompson and Kelsey Hurley spoke of helping Judy put up Holiday Lights this past Sunday,  November 22nd. Highland V.O.F.T also helped.
Ethan Andrews spoke about the past meeting at Richardson Farm.
Nick Turek spoke about the Mystery Dinner, scheduled for December 29th. Goers are to meet at the River Styx Buehlers at 6 PM. Those eligible for the Mystery Dinner will receive a letter in the mail.

Nick Turek then went over New Business:
Ethan Andrews and Trevor Thompson spoke of the recent 4H Volunteer Banquet, and scooping ice cream to volunteers.
Kelsey Hurley moved to table the discussion of Relay for Life 2016 till the next JL meeting. Trevor Thompson seconded the motion. Motion passed.
Kelsey Hurley moved to use a Doodle system online to decide whether or not to do Relay for Life. Spencer Dillenger seconded the motion. Motion passed.
Kelsey Hurley spoke about the 4H Conference. The Conference will take place in Columbus, Ohio, on the 12th of March. Morgan Domokos is trying to get enough JL's to go, to possibly group with other clubs and go to Plow Boy Prom and dinner after the Conference. The price for transportation, dinner, and the Prom would be about $15. Morgan will be sending out an email with more info about the Conference for those interested.
Trevor Thompson moved to adjourn the meeting. Ethan Andrews seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:01 PM.