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What is a Special Interest Club? 

A 4-H special interest (SPIN) club or SPARK Club is a short-term 4-H club that uses hands-on group learning to educate and engage youth on one specific topic of interest. Topics vary and include interests such as art, nature, life skills, science, photography, gardening, robots, and more!

Want to join a SPARK Club in Medina County? Contact the Club leader and extension office here: 

Current SPark Club opportunities in Medina County: 

Club Name Interest Area Meeting Location Contact Information                           
Majestic Horse SPIN Club  Therapy Horses Seville OH

Mindful Me SPIN Club 

Youth Mental Health  Medina OH
Sprouts SPIN Club Gardening/ Horticulture Medina OH
Tractor Certification  Tractor Certification  Medina OH

Interested in starting a Special Interest club?

 What is the purpose of a SPARK Club? To help youth discover their "SPARK" and gain mastery of a specific topic or skill through a 4-H special interest club. A SPARK Club is designed to be more flexible than a "Traditional" 4-H Community Club. The guidelines for meetings are less rigid and allow for greater flexibility when scheduling the meetings or "sessions." These types of clubs are also a fantastic introduction to the 4-H "learn by doing" model as they run only 6 to 10 weeks. Membership does count towards total years in 4-H, but members are not required to enroll in 4-H. SPARK Clubs don't have bank accounts or finances like a Community Club. 

SPIN Club Requirements:

  • At least 2 adult volunteers
  • At least 5 youth from 3 different families
  • Meet at least 6 times for a total of 6 hours 
  • Fill out a simple form and select a club name
  • Cost is $25 per club per year (no member dues need to be collected) 

Who can start a Special Interest Club? 

Anyone who is an approved 4-H volunteer can start a SPARK club. To find out how to become an approved 4-H volunteer, click here. SPARK Clubs can also be run in a classroom or after-school setting by interested teachers. 

How do I start a Special Interest Club in Medina County?

First, select a topic area that you are very familiar with and would like to help youth learn in a fun, hands-on way. Next, call the Medina County Extension Office SPARK club Coordinator, Sierra Baca or the main office at 330-725-4911. Extension staff will walk you through the registration process and help you identify when and where to start your SPARK Club.