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What is a Spin Club? 

A 4-H SPIN Club is a special interest club where five or more youth learn about a specific topic of interest for at least 6 weeks. Topics vary and include interests such as art, nature, life skills, science, photography, gardening, robots, and more!

Want to join a SPIN Club in Medina County? Contact the Club leader and extension office by filling out the survey: 

Current SPIN Club opportunities in Medina County: 

Club Name Interest Area Meeting Location Contact Information                           
5-18 Cooking SPIN club  Cooking & Baking Lodi OH

5-18 Arts SPIN club Digital Art and Graphic Design Lodi OH

5-18 Model Railroad SPIN club Model Railroad and Trains Lodi OH

5-18 Sewing SPIN club Sewing Lodi OH

5-18 Tech SPIN club Robotics, Coding, STEM Lodi OH

Good Creation Farm SPIN Club Farming & Gardening Medina OH
Majestic Horse SPIN Club  Therapy Horses Seville OH

Mindful Me SPIN Club 

Youth Mental Health  Medina OH
Sprouts SPIN Club Gardening/ Horticulture Medina OH
Tractor Certification  Tractor Certification  Medina OH

Interested in starting a SPIN club?

 What is the purpose of a SPIN Club? To help youth gain mastery of a specific topic or skill through a 4-H special interest club. A SPIN Club is designed to be more flexible than a "Traditional" 4-H Community Club. The guidelines for meetings are less rigid and allow for greater flexibility when scheduling the meetings or "sessions." These types of clubs are also a fantastic introduction to the 4-H "learn by doing" model. With only needing to meet a minimum of 6 times, a SPIN club is a smaller time commitment than running a Community Club. Membership does count towards total years in 4-H, but members are not required to enroll in 4-H. 

SPIN Club Requirements:

  • At least 2 adult volunteers
  • At least 5 youth from 3 different families
  • Meet at least 6 times for a total of 6 hours 
  • Fill out a simple form and select a club name
  • Cost is $25 per club per year (no member dues need to be collected) 

Who can start a 4-H SPIN club? 

Anyone who is an approved 4-H volunteer can start a SPIN club. To find out how to become an approved 4-H volunteer, click here. SPIN Clubs can also be run in a classroom or after-school setting by interested teachers. 

How do I start a SPIN Club in Medina County?

First, select a topic area that you are very familiar with and would like to help youth learn in a fun, hands-on way. Next, call the Medina County Extension Office SPIN club Coordinator, Rachel Chapman at 330-661-6405 or the main office at 330-725-4911. Extension staff will walk you through the registration process and help you identify when and where to start your SPIN Club.