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What is a fair price to rent farm ground?  

Below are several buttons which will link you to the AVERAGE price per acre of rentable farmland, by county, based on the USDA National Ag. Statistics Service.  Several factors can adjust this price from the base average though!  Consider the land history.  Has it been in crop production for years? Do you have data on past yield? How much fertilizer or lime has already been invested in the soil?  Has it been well maintained and weed free? This information can raise or lower the price.  Is the land fallow and will require alot of work, inputs, and money by the renting farmer?  Is there access to buildings? Irrigation? Easily accessible?  This factsheet can help walk you through some of the factors that go into pricing your land or negotiating a fair price as a leasee.

2023 Ohio Cash Rent County Estimates, USDA NASS

2022 Average Cash Rental Rate for Farmland, USDA NASS

2021 Cash Rent for Farmland, USDA NASS

2019 Cash Rent for Farmland, USDA NASS

2017 Ohio Average Cash Rent from USDA NASS

2016 Ohio Average Cash Rent from USDA NASS

2014 Ohio Average Cash Rent from USDA NASS

Protecting Interests in a Verbal Lease Arrangement

Tax Issues for Farm Rental Agreements

Flexible Cash Land Agreements Explained


Ag Lease 101

Ag Lease 101 helps both land owners and land operators learn about alternative lease arrangements and includes sample written lease agreements for several alternatives. Ag Lease 101 was created by and is maintained by the North Central Farm Management Extension Committee. Click on the Lease Publications heading at the bottom of the page.


Additional Farmland Rental Resources

Links to farmland rental resources.

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Flexible Cash Rents Based on Crop Insurance Parameters


Sample Agreements and Other Information
Fixed and Flexible Cash Rental Arrangements for Your Farm
Cash Farm Lease (Detailed Sample Agreement)
Farm Agreement (FSA Compliant)
Sample Farm Cash Lease Agreement (FSA Compliant)
Crop Share or Crop Share-Cash Rental Agreements
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Farm Machinery Lease Agreement


MORE information on land rent, including tools to calculate rates and determine factors affecting land rate can be found here.