Newsletters & Other Resources

eXtension (pronounced e-Extension) allows you to access univeristy expertise from all over the country.  "Ask an Expert" for an answer within 48 hours!

Family Fundamentals parenting resources and newsletters from the University of Wisconsin-Extension. through the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse is a site for dads looking for tips, hints and even deals.

Just in Time Parenting are age-geared newsletters from prenatal to age 5.  Free by email subscription.

ohioline click on Family for a list of family related Ohio State University Extension facsheets.

Parenting 24/7 is an online resource of news, information, and advice for parents of infants, preschoolers, children ages 6-12, and teens ages 13-18.  University of Illinois Extension.


Links we like!

AARP links to many topics to help people age 50 and over improve the quality of their lives.

Family Life Topics links to more favorite resources on couple relations, remarriage, stepfamilies, and more.



Live Smart Ohio - topics include:  family relationships; mind & body; money; and food.

Science of Parenting - Iowa State University Extension and research blogs for families.